Less than a week after two boys were allegedly drowned by their father, their bodies were laid to rest.

Hundreds gathered at Inspiring Body of Christ Church Saturday to honor 5-year-old Naim and 3-year-old Elijah Muhammad.

They died Monday, after Dallas Police said their father, Naim Rasool Muhammad, kidnapped and drowned them in a creek.

Pastor Rickie Rush said, "I really wish I could say, this kind of thing is never gonna happen again. But, I can't. Because it will."

Some local groups used the service as an opportunity to speak out against domestic violence.

Marilyn Davis with Nexus Recovery Center said, "And, a lot of time, we don't have the education to choose relationships and know what's good and know what's not good..not only for you, but also for your children."

Mr. Muhammad's cousion, Courtney Wynn said, "Me and their dad was raised like brothers. This is the most impossible thing I could ever believe, somebody I love so much could be a part of."

But, instead of focusing on the tragedy, Saturday's funeral service focused on celebrating the short livesof the two young boys.

Rush said, "If you feel vicious, if you feel angry, if you are mad, God can handle that. We can be bitter. Or, we can start getting better.'

The boys' mother, Kametra Sampson said, "My oldest son, Naim. He was five. He was just the friend I never had. And, Elijah. He was just so fun and happy all the time...I would say come here Elijah. He would say, 'mom, you can call me Lala.' I know it`s hard right now. But, I know my sons are in Heaven. I know it`s gonna be alright. I know it."

Naim and Elijah were buried at Lincoln Memorial Park in Dallas.