Re: "OCWD to look into salt water" (June 12) and "Mailbag: Desalination project is good for economy" (June 12).

I attended the Orange County Water District meeting referenced in the article, read the letter to the editor by Los Angeles/Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council Representative Jim Adams and spoke in public comments. I live in Southeast Huntington Beach, the area of the city most affected by this proposed development project.

Anthony Clark Carpio's article only quoted one of the people who spoke in public comments, a Costa Mesa resident blindly supporting the project and not the myriad number of local residents speaking against the project who refuted many of the contentions made by supporters and OCWD board members during the meeting.

The letter by Adams, a special-interest advocate, made many misleading assertions. The project will not result in "thousands of new, good-paying jobs" on any long-term basis.

Beyond the initial construction phase (which will likely involve few Huntington Beach residents and workers), the ongoing operation and maintenance of the plant will take just a handful of employees (again few of them local residents).

Contrary to Adams' assertion, the Poseidon project has not been "universally championed throughout Orange County for the past decade." It has been vigorously opposed by all manner of resident and environmental groups and much of the local community.

The OCWD meeting this month was a sham. The project will wind up saddling Huntington Beach with the biggest boondoggle in city history, not to mention costing the water rate payers of this district millions of dollars to cover the deal that Poseidon would receive.

Tim Geddes

Huntington Beach


Respect the flag and our traditions

With Flag Day having just passed Saturday, I had to impart some pieces of observance.

First off, I am totally miffed by the disregard people have for our flag and the protocol associated with our national anthem. Case in point: At recent baseball games and other public events when the national anthem is played, people are sitting in their seats chatting or texting. Those who show the civility to stand do not remove their hats, do not place their hands over their heart and just bounce around.

Soldiers have and are giving their lives for this freedom and the least the civilians should do is follow the protocol and tradition in honor of our nation and flag. This was not added after 9/11; it has been the protocol since 1776. The added salt in the wound is when parents let their kids run amuck during the anthem, let alone their own disrespectful behavior.

Tradition is tradition, as is the protocol associated with it. If we start tossing that out then we are throwing all that our country should embrace under the bus.

Happy Flag Day and think of it and those who sacrificed.

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach


Central Park is not the best we can do