The repair of the Beach Boulevard fast lane from Ellis Avenue to Slater Avenue is paved with extremely bumpy asphalt.

It causes a car to bounce repeatedly and could cause damage to vehicles that drive over it.

It is road repair shamefully done and should be corrected.

Jack Gilman

Huntington Beach


Senior center isn't what we voted for

I strongly take exception to the assertions of Robert Dettloff ("Building senior center is voters' will," May 22) and Ralph Bauer ("Seniors have earned a decent center," May 22) regarding the senior center proposed for Huntington Beach Central Park.

Measure T was promoted in 2006 with the tacit understanding that the project wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime. Only 51% supported it, and it passed by a scant 719 votes, under that assumption. That assumption is no longer valid. Things have changed.

Bauer's claim that the indebtedness will just replace bonds that are being retired is the height of fiscal arrogance. We will still owe the money, and our city budget will still have to carry the debt service regardless.

I am not against seniors or enhancing our civic commitment to them. No "scurrilous" attacks here. However, I strongly object to blatant misrepresentations.

I would be in favor of putting a new measure on the ballot with the actual project, location, price tag and who is paying for it clearly spelled out. Then we'll see the real will of the people and not just the assertions of the project's cheerleaders.

Tim Geddes

Huntington Beach


Small businesses have someone who cares

I want to thank City Councilman Jim Katapodis for his opposition to a polystyrene ban, his leadership and his understanding of small-business owners like me.

At a time when costs have increased on pretty much everything, it is difficult for a small business to survive, much less make a decent profit.

A ban on polystyrene would have hurt my business, maybe quite significantly. It would have led to higher prices for customers because many of our local businesses would have had to raise prices.

As a small-business owner and part of the Huntington Beach community for the past couple of decades, I am very proud of this beautiful city.