Re: "How can a new senior center be justified," (May 15):

The justification is that the people voted in favor of the new senior center and its location in Huntington Beach Central Park.

Eight years ago, the Huntington Beach City Council voted to put Measure T on the November 2006 ballot. Measure T, authorizing the building of the new senior center in Central Park, was passed by voters in that election.

In regard to renovating the existing senior center, one has to understand that it consists of a pair of World War II-era buildings that have continuously been renovated over the past 60 years.

A consulting firm was hired by the city to study the need for and appropriate location of a new senior center. The current facility was looked at during that study and found to be lacking in several respects.

To enlarge that site to accommodate the ever-increasing senior population in Huntington Beach, the parking area would have suffered. That meant that underground parking would need to be constructed, adding many millions to the cost.

As for wasting money through the continued legal battle, again I cite the decision of the residents. In our democracy, the winning side of an election usually prevails. The opposition caused the city to defend the outcome of the election.

Robert O. Dettloff

Huntington Beach


Seniors have earned a decent center

I read with some dismay the scurrilous attack by some letter writers on the proposed new Huntington Beach Senior Center.

I also notice that some City Council candidates are strongly opposed to the center.

The most powerful argument in favor of a senior center being built in Huntington Beach Central Park is that the people voted for it. The financing of the center is not a difficult issue, since the bonds that will be sold will merely replace other bonds being retired. Thus, I see essentially little or no increase in city debt.

Many of us have viewed the new center as a humanitarian gesture to what has become known as The Greatest Generation. These folks weathered the Great Depression. They fought to victory in World War ll and Korea. Their fathers fought in World War l and their sons in Vietnam.

Many of these people have lost a spouse, so often their needed companionship is found at the senior center. The current facility is a World War ll-era rehabilitated building where the termites are holding hands to maintain it. The height of inhumanity came from a person who equated the need for an animal shelter with that of the senior center.

I view the new senior center as the perfect opportunity to honor those who gave their lives in war for the freedoms we enjoy. It should be named for those people.

On a personal note, as a newlywed I served in Korea for 15 months. Those who died in that conflict never saw their wives, sweethearts, children or parents again. I was lucky I came home. I cannot bring those veterans back but I sure can support a new senior center in their memory.

Ralph Bauer

Huntington Beach