Is it true that they are just waiting for me to come along? It certainly seems that way.

At Vons I get tired. When I get tired I don't stand up straight when I walk and the walker or the grocery cart gets out in front of me, leaving me almost horizontal hanging on and trying to take quick little steps to catch up.

That is what happened when I left Vons pushing the grocery cart. Immediately a teenager gets off his bike, lays it down and takes my left arm. Another complete stranger, a grown man, abandons his shopping cart on the sidewalk and takes my right arm. The two of them, now carrying me across the parking lot, just keep saying, "No, hurry. Take it easy…We'll get you there."

That's what it's like living in Huntington Beach. At Market Broiler one of the front wait staff sees me coming, being pushed in a wheelchair and runs to hold the door open. The customers in line for tables, all move out of the way and insist I go first.

No one hesitates. It seems everyone is right there for me all the time. I wonder if the whole world is like this and we just get the wrong impression from the nightly news. Or maybe its just our little corner of the world. Whichever, people of Huntington Beach: Thank you and bless you all.

Carolyn Crockett

Huntington Beach


Fireworks issue is about more than money

Re: "Plenty of good comes from legalized fireworks," in the Jan. 10 Huntington Beach Independent:

Is all the good always about money?

Is dollars for nonprofits and sales tax for the city all that an issue is about? I doubt that the council members are promoting private agendas in their attention to the fireworks issue in Huntington Beach. They are trying to listen to the views of their constituents and balance the needs of the community as a whole. And to say that police are trying to get out of duties that they are paid to do? What about the quality of life for the residents?

Allowing "safe, sane fireworks" is a clear cover for all the illegal activity. This past Fourth of July holiday was very bad: smoke, constant noise for days and throughout the nights. The smoke and ash is a pollutant to our ocean — the ocean that many merchants are dependent for tourist dollars.

The constant explosion of sound makes me think about leaving the city around this holiday. It drives many of our pets to jump through glass doors and run away.

Of course if it is just all about the money that can be made, quality of life is nothing compared to dollars.

Beth Shafer

Huntington Beach


Community needs stronger voice on issues

Here are two matters that I feel should be of importance to the citizens and be addressed by our new council to see what the city's plan is and where we stand in general. We need further debate on these to see how the citizens feel.