Mailbag: Banning plastic bags serves the greater good

It always interests me when arguments such as that made by Branton Nestor (Mailbag, May 21) purport to be about individual liberty but actually turn on increased enforcement of laws. Those who say they least want a "nanny state" actually advocate it — for other people.

Commentary: It's time for pricey O.C. to implement rent controls

The new monthly rent for the apartment I reside in is $1,545, up from $1,395. That is an increase of $150 per month.

Commentary: Doctors must not be kept out of treatment decisions

Millions of Californians who have health insurance still may not be able to access the crucial medications and treatments they need.

Mailbag: Huntington's police foundations are not the same

I want to help minimize any confusion our community might have regarding the article "H.B. police forming nonprofit to fund community programs" (May 28).

Commentary: Suicide-prevention act is crippled by VA snag

Much like a thoroughbred racehorse that comes out of the gate fast but stumbles in the first turn, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act has hit a bureaucratic stumbling block.

Mailbag: Desalination plant would be an enormous risk to ratepayers

I take great exception to the assumptions and conclusions in the commentary by South County resident Roger Butow ("Desalination is least harmful to environment, and it's necessary," April 2). He is dead wrong when he contends that Poseidon is taking "all the financial risk" on the desalination plant...

Commentary: Supporters of gay rights should avoid the GOP

In 1854 residents of Ripon, Ill., helped form the Republican Party. They were abolitionists who stood squarely for civil rights in an era when many people lived in slavery. The Grand Old Party championed the rights of slaves and women.

Mailbag: Desalinated water project needed to boost supply

Re: "50-year desalinated-water deal pondered" (March 26):

Commentary: Desalination project is least environmentally harmful option, and it is necessary

I was recently appointed to the Orange County Water District's volunteer, 18-member Ocean Desalination Citizens Advisory Committee.

Commentary: It's time to challenge O.C.'s Republican 'industrial complex'

During this election season, much has been made of "fixing" California. California is beautiful, and Orange County hails as one of its jewels.

Mailbag: No more building and polluting the air

Re: "Beach, Edinger growth targeted," (Feb. 19):

Mailbag: Fond memories of karate master

I enjoyed Michael Miller's piece in the Independent on sensei Fumio Demura (Life & Arts, Feb. 19). He's a wonderful teacher who finds the fun in learning the discipline and understands respect for the martial arts.

Commentary: Plastic debris is devastating the Pacific Ocean

Re. "Bag Ban Is Just Another Intrusion," (Feb. 11):

Mailbag: Plastic bags are degrading environment

 Does Huntington Beach really want to help grow the plastic garbage island floating in the Pacific?

Kind words exchanged — 50 years after the divorce

I went to see my ex-husband (E.H.) in the hospital Sunday. I've had as little interaction with him as possible since our divorce in 1965, considering that we share two children.

Mailbag: No reason to repeal plastic bag ban

I cannot believe Councilman Mike Posey and some other members of the Huntington Beach City Council are trying to repeal the ban on plastic bags ("Repeal of plastic bag ban begins," Jan. 22).

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