Commentary: Banning Ranch development plan must be stopped

As a longtime resident of the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach areas, I am appalled to learn about the development plan to build on Banning Ranch.

Commentary: Assembly Republicans represent the interests of Californians

As a member of the Assembly Republican Caucus, I have fought for everyday Californians all year. It is an honor to work with a united and effective group of elected officials who have come to Sacramento to serve their communities.

Commentary: Low-income communities suffer the brunt of environmental racism

Re. "In the Pipeline: Trash-related problems are real, so why bring racism into the situation?," Chris Epting's column of Sept. 17: If trash-related problems are so real in low-income...

Commentary: Heroic acts save bird's life

If you walk the circle around Huntington Lake in Huntington Beach's Central Park during mating season, you will hear the somewhat spooky guttural call of the double-crested cormorant. While these birds are not that attractive, they are prolific.

Mailbag: Praise for Civil War Days

Kudos to the participants of Civil War Days at Central Park. As regular users of the park, we truly enjoy seeing history brought to life each year.

Mailbag: Angry about absence of lifeguards

On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I, longtime Huntington Beach residents, walked down to the beach for a bit of bodyboarding. The beach was crowded, not surprisingly, since it was early in the afternoon on the Sunday before Labor Day.

Mailbag: Desalinated water is not necessary

Mesa Water District board member Shawn Dewane is wrong in almost all of the assumptions and assertions in his letter "Desalinated water is a necessary step" (Aug. 13).

Commentary: Why so much filth and neglect downtown?

I took my guest, who was visiting from Texas, for a nice walk to the end of the Huntington Beach Pier and down Main Street to have a good breakfast at the House of Pancakes. It is shocking to see how deteriorated the area has become.

Commentary: H.B. Walk will help bring potable water to the poor

Californians must indeed be weary of the state's drought, but consider this:

Mailbag: Proposed lighted message board should be deleted

Clear Channel Communications is petitioning the city of Fountain Valley to approve a final environmental impact report to install a mammoth, brightly lit advertising board at the 405 Freeway and Euclid offramp next to the city water tank.

Mailbag: Minimum-wage hike would aid struggling families, economy

Assemblyman Matthew Harper's recent commentary on raising the minimum wage ("Wage proposal would hurt economy," July 23) is wrongheaded and misinformed.

Commentary: We must rally to save our harbor fueling station

Residents, business owners and people who simply enjoy Huntington Harbour have an urgent situation at hand. A key part of the supporting infrastructure needed for a fully functioning harbor is about to disappear.

 Hansen: A school, a dump and a church speak to lost opportunity

Hansen: A school, a dump and a church speak to lost opportunity

Perhaps nowhere other than Huntington Beach can an elementary school, a large trash dump and a shuttered Japanese Presbyterian church from 1934 be unhappy neighbors.

Commentary: Minimum-wage proposal could increase unemployment, hurt economy

California is still recovering from an economic recession. Now is the worst time to make it harder to hire new employees. Current legislation would do just that.

Mailbag: Banning plastic bags isn't a government function

The plastic bags tirade and the need of our government to continue as a granny state, as stated in the June 11 Huntington Beach Independent mailbag "Banning plastic bags serves the greater good" by Brad DeFord, is a sad commentary of misunderstood facts.

Mailbag: City must contain 'drunken terrorism' associated with fireworks

This letter is apparently going to become an annual tradition for me since it is clear that the city and the Huntington Beach Police Department have no intention of enforcing the laws of the city on the Fourth of July.

Mailbag: Banning plastic bags serves the greater good

It always interests me when arguments such as that made by Branton Nestor (Mailbag, May 21) purport to be about individual liberty but actually turn on increased enforcement of laws. Those who say they least want a "nanny state" actually advocate it — for other people.

Commentary: It's time for pricey O.C. to implement rent controls

The new monthly rent for the apartment I reside in is $1,545, up from $1,395. That is an increase of $150 per month.

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