Commentary: I was moved by his 'vulnerability and courage'

If you ever wind up on the streets of Costa Mesa, one of the first things you learn is that people around you die younger than average — mostly before their time — and that tragedy waits around every corner. I first learned this lesson when I met a stranger at Taco Bell in the summer...

Commentary: Golden West College remains fully accredited and open for business

I am proud to be the president of Golden West College and to see the positive effect that the institution has had on thousands of people in the community.

Mailbag: Long past the 4th, Main Street still needs cleanup

The Fourth of July has come and gone, and yet Main Street in Huntington Beach, the primary parade route, is still littered with chalk markings.

Editorial: What happened to Orange County's Great Park?

The name of the park, and the original ambition, were great. But in the 12 years since Orange County voters decided they would rather have a public park on the site of the old El Toro Marine base than a large civilian airport, the size and scope of the Great Park have shrunk, along with public faith...

Editorial: Yellow Alert system deserves green light

A proposed piece of state legislation that would allow the use of digital signs on freeways to broadcast information about vehicles involved in deadly hit-and-run accidents got a big boost recently when the Los Angeles City Council gave the bill its support.

Commentary: We're preparing for a safe U.S. Open

In a few days, we'll celebrate the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Open of Surfing and honor the 100 years of our city's heritage as a surfing destination. It's a marquee event that attracts visitors and media attention from around the world. It's yet another opportunity for us to shine on the world...

Mailbag: Plenty of reasons to keep fireworks illegal in H.B.

In regards to Chris Epting's column on fireworks, ("At least we still have the big show," July 3), and his statement that "I still have no idea" why the current City Council majority decided to make "safe and sane" fireworks illegal again after a two-year trial: I find it hard to believe that Mr....

Commentary: Celebrating freedom, H.B.-style

This Fourth of July I have the honor of again participating in the world-renowned Huntington Beach Fourth of July parade.

Mailbag: City isn't showing concern for residents

We are told that our water is scarce, so we must conserve. That is excellent advice, and we take it seriously, for we must take care of our natural resources. However, does our government follow its own advice, or is it do as I say, not as I do?

Commentary: Culture at Bolsa Chica must be preserved

June 12 was a good day for the Bolsa Chica mesa and wetlands.

Mailbag: There's been plenty of opposition to Poseidon

Re: "OCWD to look into salt water" (June 12) and "Mailbag: Desalination project is good for...

Commentary: Remember Kelly, and help increase penalties for drunk driving

As long as I walk this earth, I will never forget the exact moment, 11:45 p.m. June 1, 2013, when the call came in. It was Chanel Fugnetti with news that just moments earlier, Kelly Blue Morehouse had succumbed to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident that evening.

Mailbag: Greatest generation deserves center

Re: The Huntington Beach Senior Center in Central Park.

Mailbag: Repaired road needs some fixing

The repair of the Beach Boulevard fast lane from Ellis Avenue to Slater Avenue is paved with extremely bumpy asphalt.

Mailbag: Building a new senior center is the will of the voters

Re: "How can a new senior center be justified," (May 15):

Mailbag: Council was wrong not to allow bag vote

I put an item on the agenda for the May 5 City Council meeting that would have allowed residents to vote yes or no on the contentious plastic bag ban.

Commentary: Rohrabacher's climate-change position is alarming

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's continuous rejection of the science of human-caused climate change puts our economy, national security and children at risk. If he does not change his position, it is time for the voters of his district to replace him.

Mailbag: Bag ban yes, but Styrofoam no: Why?

Editor's note: This email was also sent to Huntington Beach Councilman Jim Katapodis, who responds below.

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