Mailbag: Desalinated water is not necessary

Mesa Water District board member Shawn Dewane is wrong in almost all of the assumptions and assertions in his letter "Desalinated water is a necessary step" (Aug. 13).

Mailbag: Minimum-wage hike would aid struggling families, economy

Assemblyman Matthew Harper's recent commentary on raising the minimum wage ("Wage proposal would hurt economy," July 23) is wrongheaded and misinformed.

Commentary: Why so much filth and neglect downtown?

I took my guest, who was visiting from Texas, for a nice walk to the end of the Huntington Beach Pier and down Main Street to have a good breakfast at the House of Pancakes. It is shocking to see how deteriorated the area has become.

Commentary: We must rally to save our harbor fueling station

Residents, business owners and people who simply enjoy Huntington Harbour have an urgent situation at hand. A key part of the supporting infrastructure needed for a fully functioning harbor is about to disappear.

Commentary: H.B. Walk will help bring potable water to the poor

Californians must indeed be weary of the state's drought, but consider this:

Hansen: A school, a dump and a church speak to lost opportunity

Perhaps nowhere other than Huntington Beach can an elementary school, a large trash dump and a shuttered Japanese Presbyterian church from 1934 be unhappy neighbors.

Mailbag: Proposed lighted message board should be deleted

Clear Channel Communications is petitioning the city of Fountain Valley to approve a final environmental impact report to install a mammoth, brightly lit advertising board at the 405 Freeway and Euclid offramp next to the city water tank.

Commentary: Minimum-wage proposal could increase unemployment, hurt economy

California is still recovering from an economic recession. Now is the worst time to make it harder to hire new employees. Current legislation would do just that.


In the Pipeline: 'Take back the parks' effort gains support

I received an impressive number of responses two week ago after writing about the many issues at Huntington Beach's Central Park, and it's clear that people want things cleaned up sooner rather than later. The drug dealing, prostitution and growing homeless situation generate the most concern, as...

The God Squad: Prayer can't change the world, but it can change us

Question: Since losing our young daughter three years ago, many well-meaning friends and acquaintances have told me that prayer is the answer. After all, their prayers have been answered! I've seen comments posted on their Facebook pages like, "Thank you for your prayers; he is better now."...

A Word, Please: The word that is helpful and dispensable

"I have been told by some of my more educated friends that using the word "that" (see, I did it again) is many times unnecessary," Randy wrote. "I was hoping you would weigh in on the technical side of when and when not to use that."

A Word, Please: 'Rules' are sometimes just a matter of style

If you feel like one of the unfortunate few who missed out on a good grammar education, welcome to the club. Almost everyone I've ever talked to about the subject feels the same way — as if they were out sick the day that everyone else in school learned everything there is to know about word...

The God Squad: History and faith are true in different ways

Q: I greatly appreciated your recent columns about passing on faith to children. My question is, how do adults without a strong commitment to one faith deal with this issue? For example, how does an adult determine whether belief in Jesus is necessary for salvation or that Jesus was not the...

Fitness Files: Extolling the benefits of a midday nap

Just fell asleep on the computer keyboard. Gave up writing to take a nap.

In the Pipeline: A plumeria expert, and his name is Bud

The peaceful backyard buzzes and hums. A plump, ruby-red-chested hummingbird darts in and out of the dense foliage, and a walnut-size, iridescent green Japanese beetle lazily ambles among the many fragrant offerings.

Joe Surf: Life Rolls On touches thousands

Last Sunday was like many Sundays this summer, my son Cade waking me up in a hurry to get ready to take him surfing. We were in the water at Goldenwest by about 9 a.m. and it was already warm, sunny and crowded.

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