Mailbag: Fond memories of karate master

I enjoyed Michael Miller's piece in the Independent on sensei Fumio Demura (Life & Arts, Feb. 19). He's a wonderful teacher who finds the fun in learning the discipline and understands respect for the martial arts.

Mailbag: No reason to repeal plastic bag ban

I cannot believe Councilman Mike Posey and some other members of the Huntington Beach City Council are trying to repeal the ban on plastic bags ("Repeal of plastic bag ban begins," Jan. 22).

Commentary: Plastic debris is devastating the Pacific Ocean

Re. "Bag Ban Is Just Another Intrusion," (Feb. 11):

Mailbag: Greed trumps history, nature in H.B.

Thank you, Isabella Ford and Judith West (Mailbag, Jan. 15). Sadly, Huntington Beach sold its soul to the devil a long time ago, and money rules, regardless of what it destroys in its path.

Mailbag: Plastic bags are degrading environment

 Does Huntington Beach really want to help grow the plastic garbage island floating in the Pacific?

Mailbag: Save open space and coyotes, kill development

How about getting rid of all the Brightwater homes so the coyotes can go back to the wetlands? Huntington Beach is now suffering the effect of developing every bit of open space.

Kind words exchanged — 50 years after the divorce

I went to see my ex-husband (E.H.) in the hospital Sunday. I've had as little interaction with him as possible since our divorce in 1965, considering that we share two children.

Mailbag: Huntington Beach's coyote problem needs a solution now

The Dec. 25 issue of the Huntington Beach Independent ran an article on the war on coyotes. I've been a resident of Huntington Beach for 35 years, and until about the last five years, coyotes in housing tracts were rare.


In the Pipeline: Feeding wildlife has dangerous repercussions

OK, I will be the bad guy. The feeding of all wild birds in Huntington Beach needs to stop. Today.

Retail Therapy: My Mickey for your Goofy

Pieces of flair: My-D Pins & Collectibles, 1215 S. Beach Blvd., Suite D, Anaheim, will host a free Disney pin and Vinylmation collectible trading event from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at its parking lot. Disney collectors of all ages are welcome to meet and trade at the...

The Gossiping Gourmet: Hong Hai sets high bar for Vietnamese cuisine

I've been feeling lucky these days in that I have found a number of small new restaurants that serve excellent food.

In the Pipeline: Boatyard sign painter has the precision of a true artist

I saw him the other day in the middle of one of those magnificent, bright blue and yellow summery afternoons we've been enjoying. His small ramshackle truck was tucked away in a Huntington Harbour parking lot near a series of boat slips.

On Theater: 'Gefilte Fish & Chips' fillets performer's childhood

Playgoers who have enjoyed Hershey Felder's one-man shows at the Laguna Playhouse will find a kindred performance at the Huntington Beach Central Library Theater, a similar solo effort titled "Gefilte Fish & Chips."

On Theater: They rob banks (and sing songs)

During their brief lifetimes, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were huge celebrities — or what passed for celebrity during the Depression-wracked Midwest in the early 1930s. Their larcenous, often murderous, exploits were celebrated (if that's the word) in the 1967 movie "Bonnie and Clyde," with...

The Gossiping Gourmet: Who needs decor when you have great Japanese food?

I was pleased to discover a new Japanese restaurant in the beautiful Orchard Hill Center just off Portola Parkway and Culver Drive in Irvine.

Retail Therapy: Last-minute meal suggestions for Valentine's Day

As promised, here is my annual Last Minute Valentine's Day Meal Guide, a cross section of some of the many dining options in the county, to prevent any unnecessary Friday night freak-outs. Just remember, where appropriate, to make that reservation sooner rather than later — I can't do that...

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