Mailbag: Greed trumps history, nature in H.B.

Thank you, Isabella Ford and Judith West (Mailbag, Jan. 15). Sadly, Huntington Beach sold its soul to the devil a long time ago, and money rules, regardless of what it destroys in its path.

Commentary: Inoculating against flu-season myths

This season, you could protect yourself from the flu by holding your breath on elevators and avoiding touching handrails, doorknobs, faucets, arm rests, keyboards, money, mail and anyone wishing to shake your hand.

Mailbag: Save open space and coyotes, kill development

How about getting rid of all the Brightwater homes so the coyotes can go back to the wetlands? Huntington Beach is now suffering the effect of developing every bit of open space.

Letters from the editor: The dog ate my rationale and worked his way into our hearts

Try and rebuff a child's please-please-please plea for a dog.

Mailbag: Huntington Beach's coyote problem needs a solution now

The Dec. 25 issue of the Huntington Beach Independent ran an article on the war on coyotes. I've been a resident of Huntington Beach for 35 years, and until about the last five years, coyotes in housing tracts were rare.

Mailbag: Don't allow private use of fireworks

Regarding the upcoming election on Nov. 4 and in considering Measure T for the city of Huntington Beach (safe and sane fireworks), I think two considerations are significant.

Commentary: Thank you to those who helped me win office

I'm sitting in the airport and I have a few minutes before I need to catch my flight home from my first couple of days in Sacramento as an Assembly member-elect.

Commentary: Ocean View School District coming together after asbestos scare

This has certainly been a challenging time for the students, parents, teachers and staff of the Ocean View School District.


Retail Therapy: Summertime treats in January

Free fro: Expect long lines at Yogurtland locations from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday, as fans gather for the annual Frozen Yogurt Day celebration. Visitors will be handed a commemorative cup to fill to the brim with free yogurt and toppings. This year's special flavors will include Hershey...

Retail Therapy: Sofritas lives up to first two syllables

Sofritas = so free: Attention Chipotle lovers: Anyone who purchases a Sofritas entrée item on Jan. 26 at Chipotle will be able to redeem the receipt for a free entrée of his or her choice between Jan. 27 and Feb. 28. Sofritas is Chipotle's vegan protein offering, an...

All About Food: The manufacturing of our food is not pretty

I came across an article the other day that included a warning that the various kinds of veggie burgers contain the substance hexane, which is a volatile solvent and an EPA-registered air pollutant and neurotoxin.

In the Pipeline: Keep kids safe and meet baseball legends

Coming up on Monday is one of my favorite events of the year, the KinderVision golf tournament and banquet at SeaCliff Country Club in Huntington Beach.

In the Pipeline: Wild creatures are not playthings

The sea lion under the Huntington Beach Pier barked and kept twisting its head around, seemingly to try to get a sense of who or what was surrounding it. Clearly in great discomfort, it finally sat perfectly still, its nose high in the air, like it was trying to block out the human-caused chaos...

Pet of the Week

Molly represents an unfortunate situation, where people lose their homes and can no longer keep their pets.

On Theater: You'll want to 'Witness' how this one ends

Theatergoers who haven't seen Billy Wilder's 1957 movie "Witness for the Prosecution" will be highly engrossed by the stage version of Agatha Christie's chilling courtroom drama now on view at the Newport Theatre Arts Center. Even those who saw it and remember its stunning climax probably will still...

On Theater: Hershey Felder revives the genius that was Irving Berlin

There is, as Irving Berlin once famously observed, no business like show business. When Jerome Kern was asked what he deemed was Berlin's place in American music, he replied, "Irving Berlin has no place in American music — he is American music."

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