Commentary: Chris Epting recounts top moments from 8 years of columns

Though you may have read that last week was my final In the Pipeline column, I would like to thank the Huntington Beach Independent for allowing me a farewell.

Reader Report: H.B. Community Garden provides site for Scout project

The natural world has always sparked my interest. From planting vegetables in my backyard to caring for my pets, from picking up trash on a hike to cleaning a beach on a weekend, I have always cared for the environment.

Commentary: Assembly Republicans represent the interests of Californians

As a member of the Assembly Republican Caucus, I have fought for everyday Californians all year. It is an honor to work with a united and effective group of elected officials who have come to Sacramento to serve their communities.

Mailbag: Commentary against columnist got too personal

Regarding the commentary by Oscar Rodriguez, "Minority communities suffer the brunt of environmental racism" (Forum, Sept. 24), I found it to be baseless and nothing more than a personal affront toward Chris Epting and his previous article regarding the use of the word "racism."

Commentary: Low-income communities suffer the brunt of environmental racism

Re. "In the Pipeline: Trash-related problems are real, so why bring racism into the situation?," Chris Epting's column of Sept. 17: If trash-related problems are so real in low-income...

Commentary: Banning Ranch development plan must be stopped

As a longtime resident of the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach areas, I am appalled to learn about the development plan to build on Banning Ranch.

Commentary: Heroic acts save bird's life

If you walk the circle around Huntington Lake in Huntington Beach's Central Park during mating season, you will hear the somewhat spooky guttural call of the double-crested cormorant. While these birds are not that attractive, they are prolific.


Casagrande: Six words that may invite contradiction

Because I'm a grammar columnist, anything I write can become a lightning rod for the Gotcha Squad. If an error appears in this column — no matter if it's real or perceived — rest assured that I hear about it.

The God Squad: Learning can lead to spiritual wisdom

I want to tell you the best Jewish story I have ever heard. I heard it from Rabbi David Wolpe, who is the greatest rabbi in Los Angeles (who has not retired).

Fitness Files: Hiking with safety in mind

Almost exactly one year ago, Paul and I splashed through The Narrows, a slot canyon in Zion National Park.

Casagrande: Flexibility is key to punctuation fitness

Punctuation stresses people out. Pretty much everyone in the English-speaking world knows what it's like to sit at a keyboard, finger hovering above the hyphen or comma key, paralyzed by self-doubt.

A Word, Please: Misplaced prepositions can be a comedy of errors

According to language legend, a classified ad once made this intriguing offer: Antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.

Gossiping Gourmet: Keeping buns from burning, easy microwave corn and other food tips

I am always looking through various books and magazines for food tips to pass on to my readers. Often the ideas come from readers themselves. Here are my latest finds.

In the Pipeline: Local mom's breast cancer fight is an inspiration

This is Chris Epting's last In the Pipeline column for the Huntington Beach Independent. He will continue his local storytelling at

Slayback: The bereaved have to find a new path

"You know, last week was the third anniversary of Marcie's death," Bob told me after lunch at the golf course. Bob's an ageless 86, not given to personal commentary.

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