Mailbag: Minimum-wage hike would aid struggling families, economy

Assemblyman Matthew Harper's recent commentary on raising the minimum wage ("Wage proposal would hurt economy," July 23) is wrongheaded and misinformed.

Mailbag: Banning plastic bags isn't a government function

The plastic bags tirade and the need of our government to continue as a granny state, as stated in the June 11 Huntington Beach Independent mailbag "Banning plastic bags serves the greater good" by Brad DeFord, is a sad commentary of misunderstood facts.

Commentary: We must rally to save our harbor fueling station

Residents, business owners and people who simply enjoy Huntington Harbour have an urgent situation at hand. A key part of the supporting infrastructure needed for a fully functioning harbor is about to disappear.

Mailbag: City must contain 'drunken terrorism' associated with fireworks

This letter is apparently going to become an annual tradition for me since it is clear that the city and the Huntington Beach Police Department have no intention of enforcing the laws of the city on the Fourth of July.

Hansen: A school, a dump and a church speak to lost opportunity

Perhaps nowhere other than Huntington Beach can an elementary school, a large trash dump and a shuttered Japanese Presbyterian church from 1934 be unhappy neighbors.

Commentary: Minimum-wage proposal could increase unemployment, hurt economy

California is still recovering from an economic recession. Now is the worst time to make it harder to hire new employees. Current legislation would do just that.

Mailbag: Banning plastic bags serves the greater good

It always interests me when arguments such as that made by Branton Nestor (Mailbag, May 21) purport to be about individual liberty but actually turn on increased enforcement of laws. Those who say they least want a "nanny state" actually advocate it — for other people.


Joe Surf: John Davis' Hall of Fame path had some detours

The story of John Davis' life in surfing has a nice beginning and a happy ending.

A Word, Please: One less reason to trust the news media

Robert Siegel of National Public Radio, Jason Stallman of the New York Times and every other journalist who uses "fewer" with confidence, please take a seat. You're about to get a lesson in language that you didn't think you needed. There's a gaping hole in your grammar skills — a shocking...

In the Pipeline: Firefighters reunited with boy they saved

A firefighter showed the young boy how to use the hose. Then the youngster was helped into the basket of a ladder truck and hoisted with his friends high into the air. He got to wear firefighting gear, explore the engines and, in short, live the fantasy of many a 7-year-old.

A Word, Please: Writers who use semicolons aren't thinking about the reader

Here's a fun thing you can do with your writing: Take any two simple, clear sentences and use a semicolon to mush them into one. For example, imagine you have a paragraph with just two sentences.

Fitness Files: Swollen finger traced to yucky origin

Sally showed up at our weekly hike holding her index finger in the air. Look at this, she said.

Fitness Files: Grateful for small steps toward being pain-free

I'm a reader who likes a story with a good ending, an epilogue and then to top it all off, an interview with the author.

The God Squad: Letting go of guilt is to admit you're flawed but redeemable

Q: Grace says I'm forgiven for my sins because of the perfect and finished work of Christ. I believe this. I am saved not because of my own goodness or efforts, but in spite of myself, based entirely on the goodness and mercy of God. Also, according to my faith, grace should provide freedom...

The God Squad: You don't need a psychic to trust in life after death

Q: My sister-in-law recently visited a psychic. I lost my daughter three years ago, at age 43. I lost my son when he was 3 days old, over 46 years ago. The psychic said my daughter and son were together in heaven, which made me very happy. My question is: Can a person grow older...

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