GRANGER - Was it a prank or a hate crime?

Police are investigating two instances of profane, anti-semitic graffiti in Granger.

It happened in a quiet neighborhood, and the homes targeted are less than a mile from each other.

The remnants of a hurtful message still sit on Tina Rekhi's garage.

"It was chilling, disturbing that someone had the guts to come over at night while we were in the house just to create something that disturbing," she said.

Rekhi's garage was vandalized just a few days ago.

Here's what it looked liked: Written in what seems to be pink spray paint, the message has the swastika sign incorrectly drawn and the word 'Nazi' then the "B" word painted on.

"I couldn't bare having this sign on my garage door," Rekhi said. "I couldn't stand looking at it. We haven't done anything to offend anyone. We always reach out to help. To have this kinda thing on our garage door was sickening."

Rekhi's home was targeted last Thursday night into Friday morning.

She doesn't think it was directed towards her family, but nevertheless, it hurts.

"It's just very annoying to hear someone gets pleasure out of hurting other people," she said.

A short drive down the street, you'll see the faint remains of pink paint on another garage as well.

Police don't believe these instances have any connection to one another, calling them random events.

"We live in a very safe environment and safe neighborhood,' Rekhi said. "We haven't experienced this kinda thing here."

Her husband wrote a letter to the neighborhood association saying these agencies are working to find the suspects:

  • US Department of Justice, Chicago
  • US Attorney's Office
  • South Bend FBI Office
  • Notre Dame Police Chief
The Rekhis are taking it seriously because their family became a victim overnight and they don't want anyone else becoming a target.