Jonathan Crupi entered the Richmond County criminal court on Staten Island via a perp walk Wednesday morning.

A few hours later his former mother-in-law Theresa Mapes exited the court in tears. 

His former father-in-law John Mapes not mincing words telling PIX 11 News, "I'm glad that son-of-a-bitch is going away."

Crupi was arraigned in the July 5th murder of his wife Simeonette Mapes-Crupi.  The 29-year-old teacher was stabbed 15-times inside of their now locked-up home.   Crupi originally said someone broke in and killed his wife but NYPD detectives say it was him wielding the knife.  The 30 year old was arrested on Tuesday morning at the Brooklyn home of his parents.

Emotionally spent from the loss of their daughter, Theresa and John along with her brother John Jr. spoke with PIX 11 News immediately following the arraignment, "He's been a coward since day one," said John Jr. without hesitation.

The family has always believed that Crupi was responsible in the death of their loved one.  Theresa saying that his actions were never those of a mourning husband, "He's never reached out, either has his parents, you know never, never once said 'he did not do this.' Never once.  Not his parents, and we were a very close family for ten years, never once called us and said, 'my son did not do this' and he never said 'mom I didn't do this.'  He never said it, instead he always said 'I was sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry,' What are you sorry for?

Four months gone.  Her family will never let go and they vow they'll never rest until he gets put away, "That's my baby who didn't deserve this, did not. You've got to believe us, she did not deserve to die like this," said Theresa as John immediately added, "He's a soulless demonic animal. He has no soul. He doesn't."

Crupi was remanded by the judge.  His attorney Mario Gallucci telling PIX 11 News that he was surprised his client was arrested without an indictment, considering he had been cooperating with authorities.