You'd think nothing happened.

Sunday services at Celebration Church in Roanoke County went off without a hitch.  There were no markings on the walls, the stolen computers weren't missed and most importantly, no church-goers bummed about their spiritual home's desecration.

Instead, all is forgiven and the church is moving on. 

Pastor Sam Belisle joked it's a good thing he wasn't home when the vandals came to the church, "I could have had a jail ministry this morning," he said.

"It's all gone now.  It's in the past and it's not an issue anymore," said high school sophomore Blake Morrison.

"I'll be honest, I have not given it a whole lot of thought.  It's just not been a huge deal," said Justin Chantry.  All signs show that this church doesn't hold a grudge.

"This has made us better, not bitter," said Belisle.

That's a motto everyone in the church has taken to heart. So much so, that it's in big letters on the sign in front of the church.

Whoever did the vandalizing seems to have done more good than harm.


A woman in Roanoke County got to church this morning and first thought the youth group just didn't clean up their mess.  She called police when she realized it was something much worse.

Graffiti all over the building made several references to the devil, included profane homophobic language, holes in walls, overturned trash cans and there were stolen Apple computers.

In the education wing of the church; defaced posters and walls, trash thrown everywhere. Same story upstairs in the youth lounge; a projection screen and table cloths ruined by permanent marker and trash cans scattered everywhere.

Near a side exit; a failed attempt to steal thousands of dollars of stereo equipment.

"A lot of emotions, I do get very emotional about this. This is not only the church that I pastor, this is the church where I raised my family," said Pastor Sam Belisle

But the damage wasn't confined to just the youth area or the educational wing, they also found it in the sanctuary.

Between the piano, pews, and pulpit, nothing was off limits for whoever did this.  While the building itself isn't in great shape, Belisle says he's still going to have church Sunday morning,  Belisle's not worried about the faith or resolve of his congregation.

"Things like this that happen, if we love God. God can turn bad things into good things.  And he's going to turn this into a good thing," said Belisle.

A congregation relying on its faith to get through this ordeal, and carry on its mission to help others.