The City Council unanimously voted Monday to reposition its "In God We Trust" seal in the council chamber, centering it behind the dais.

Councilman Dave Sullivan said the plaque should be centered, as it is in the House of Representatives.

"This simple, yet eloquent statement of America's founding principles is placed front and center above that podium," he said.

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Future council members to receive compensation

Council members voted 5 to 2 to bring back compensation for future council members, beginning with those newly elected in November. Harper and Boardman dissented.

The change would not apply to current council members who are reelected this fall.

For several months, some members of the council have asked that compensation be reinstated, explaining that paying for various expenses incurred while performing their council duties is difficult on a $125 monthly stipend.

In May, the City Council tweaked the ordinance to limit health insurance benefits to council members only and not their dependents.


Repeal of sex offender prohibition in city parks receives final vote

Huntington Beach council members voted Monday to repeal the ordinance that bans sex offenders from entering city parks.

The item passed its second reading on a 4-2 vote, with Sullivan and Carchio dissenting. Mayor Pro Tem Joe Shaw was not present during the vote.

The city's ban was in essence rendered ineffective once the California Supreme Court in April found Orange County's law, on which the city's ordinance is based, to be unconstitutional.