Lynn Chadwick, a volunteer with Second Chance Pet Adoptions, puts food out for cats at several locations in Huntington Beach. (SCOTT SMELTZER / February 1, 2013)

Suzanne Christy-Goldberg volunteers with the Bark and Meow Foundation and along with the work she does adopting out cats on the weekends and cleaning the cages they are kept in during the week, she hands out fliers about the myths and facts about coyotes including that coyotes are known to attack even if humans are standing with their pets. The fliers also warn that coyotes are everywhere in Orange County, even in the urban areas.

Drabek said there are a few things residents can do to discourage coyotes such as not leaving food or standing water outdoors all night and he suggests trimming hedges that the animals can use as a den.

In 2010, Councilman Joe Carchio proposed a ban on feeding animals like stray cats in part to educate them about some of things that bring coyotes to residential areas. He ultimately pulled the proposal for what he felt was a lack of support from the community and the council.

Drabek said it's difficult to prevent people from feeding the cats as they feel sorry for them and don't want to see them starve.

He said he supports the teachings of Urban Wildlife Specialist Lynsey White Dasher who said removing coyotes is infective and teaches hazing of coyotes as a way of giving them back a fear of humans.

Chadwick has her own way of spreading the word. Along with the many fliers she hands out and puts up, she is happy to inform people in person. As she leaves her twin strays with a bowl of food and water, she sees a woman walking her small dog. She thanks the woman for walking the dog on a leash and then makes sure to warn her to watch for the coyotes common in that area.

Her duties for the night are done.

"I would rather have a glass of wine at night," she said, "but when you know it's here, how can you not do it."

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