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Well-known gardener dies at 93

Fountain Valley resident Clarence 'Chad' Hanna was known for his garden that allowed him and his family to be self reliant.

By Anthony Clark Carpio

11:06 AM PST, January 28, 2013


Fountain Valley gardener Clarence "Chad" Hanna, 93, died Jan. 24 from pneumonia.

He was a former Marine and has operated a mini-produce farm at his home in Fountain Valley since 1964.

Hanna was featured in a column by the Huntington Beach Independent in 2009 for his garden and his frontier mentality, "City Lights: Living by the old values," July 30.

He was known to grow enough produce to keep his family fed for a year and had been self reliant since he was a young boy growing up in Texas, according to the Independent.

"I'm a saver," he told the Independent. "If I think it's of any value, I save it."

Services for Hanna have yet to be finalized.