Jane Boltz, right, sells raffle tickets to Brian Shea, left, Jackie Brzybelinski, and Liam Cahalane, in the hat, during the Huntington Beach Ball Crawl on Saturday. The money raised from T-shirt and raffle ticket sales during the pub crawl goes to testicular cancer awareness. (SCOTT SMELTZER, HB Independent / January 29, 2013)

"He was diagnosed with a pretty severe developmental disorder. No one really knew what he had, so he spent a lot of time in CHOC," Rossean said.

Unfortunately, his nephew died, but the group raised around $6,200 for the hospital in two years.

Last year, the group raised $7,300 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation after Rossean's mother was diagnosed with the disease.

The day's festivities went off without a hitch, with no reported arrests by Huntington Beach Police.

The group said they could have made their events much larger, but have capped attendance out of respect to the bars along Main Street.

"We could have made it huge, but Downtown just couldn't handle more than 300 people," Robertson said.

Robertson and his wife brought along their newborn son, Casey, who sported a "Ball Crawl" onesie, but the family left before things got too hairy.

"It's a reason to come out here and drink and feel good about it and help the community a little bit," Robertson said.


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