A guest relaxes in the infrared color therapy sauna at the CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach. (Don Leach, HB Independent / January 2, 2013)

Most of her 18 service providers are independent contractors, some she has kept since day one.

Kerri-Lynn DeHart and Diane Sorensen, both senior massage therapists, have worked with Mason-Arnold from the start and had trust in her decisions.

"She's very good to us and we've been very good to her," said DeHart, who has been in the spa industry for 11 years. "When somebody treats you well in this industry, you tend to want to stay with them."

Sorensen, who's been a massage therapist for 10 years, said the move to Five Points Plaza has been welcomed with open arms and is happy to see the business thrive.

"The people that come here are decent and we try to offer them a good rate," Sorensen said. "They like us and they come back."

Both DeHart and Sorensen agree that Mason-Arnold has made the right decisions during the business's infancy and have nothing but respect for her.

"She's a very good massage therapist, but she's also an excellent marketing person," DeHart said. "She's very intelligent and knows how to present this in a way that is appealing to a very broad spectrum of people."

Though CloudMover Day Spa has been placed at the top spot of the OC Hot List three years in a row, Mason-Arnold and her staff won't let it get to their heads.

"Just keep fighting the good fight, doing the right thing and offer new products and services as they come and are proven effective," DeHart said. "Most importantly, give the customers what they want."


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