Facing our grasshoppers and giants?

Without question our country is facing some of its greatest obstacles since the great depression!

With millions seeking jobs that were once theirs, but now have been shipped abroad, dreams of home ownership being dashed by foreclosures, homes in conflict, drugs and addictions abounding -- all speak to massive "giants" that stalk our land.

Those of you who are biblically literate know well the biblical story of the 12 chosen to spy out the promised land of Canaan. Ten came back bearing the riches of the land, clusters of grapes, pomegranates, figs, but there were "walled cities, giants -- and they looked down on us as if we were grasshoppers" (Numbers 13: 33)

Caleb and Joshua "had a different spirit." "If the Lord delights in us ... then he will give us this land that flows with milk and honey." (Numbers 14:8)

Israel made a choice to listen to those who saw only "walled cities " and "giants" and bleached their bones in the wilderness. Only among them did their children, and Caleb and Joshua live to enter their promised land.

America, like Israel, is standing at a time in history when it too is seeing "giants," gigantic problems facing us, and must make decisions if it is to restore this nation to its glory, admired and envied by all nations.

The vote has been taken. The election is over. Now the two parties of this great country must make some compromising decisions that will speak hopefully to the salvation of this great nation. 

The country seeks fairness in our tax codes, and by the will of the electorate, our president must not yield on the wealthy paying their fair share of taxes.

The electorate doesn't want millionaires to be able to shelter money in offshore accounts, while families have to make choices between buying necessary drugs, and having their children go to bed hungry.  

The nation doesn't want tax breaks to go to corporations who ship jobs overseas. In addition, we don't want immigrants to so fear deportation that they work for slave wages while their employers get tax givebacks for hiring them.

To allow the middle class to continue subsidizing major oil companies that are making $36 billions of dollars (yes, "B") annually in net profits is obscene and must be stopped.

Yes, "giants" plague our nation in its attempt to avoid the fiscal cliff facing us.

I join with you in praying for those we've elected, that they will stop political stonewalling, putting party before people -- people desperately trying to survive these toughest of times.

One further word: I don't know whether you felt, as I did, when financial greed is not only taking away the Christ of Christmas with its Santa Claus, and early Christmas sales not only beginning on Black Friday, but now, when families especially need Thanksgiving to get together, are being enticed to shop even before we can even get our turkeys digested. 

I join many of you in not wanting commercial interests to destroy a time of true thanksgiving by breaking up family get-togethers, by having to rush to save dollars.

I'm personally going to support those stores that continue to honor our great traditions of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Thankfulness to God who has given us this great nation built on "In God We trust" stamped on our coins and "One nation under God" spoken in our pledge of allegiance, are traditions that are sacred to those of us of faith and should never be threatened by the "giants" of commercial interests.
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