"We're in control now." That's the message from Deputies at the Sedgwick County Jail.

The Sheriff's Department is cracking down on things like graffiti and vandalism. Sedgwick County Undersheriff Danny Bardezbain showed us how it's moving forward with changes aimed at running at tighter ship.

Bardezbain says inmates wrote on walls with pencils provided by the jail. Courts require writing utensils to be available to inmates so they can communicate with their attorneys. Now, the jail will only provide flexible pencils which won't damage the walls.

Inmates must check those pencils out and cannot take them into their cells.

They will also prosecute inmates for vandalism.

"We're sending them a message," Bardezbain said. "We're not just tightening up on the contraband, we're tightening up on everything, we run this place - not you."

Detention deputies are enforcing more random searches, and changing the way inmates walk down the halls.

"Just some simple things like, when they walk down the halls in the facility now, they have to walk on the right against the wall," Bardezbain said. "They used to just walk en masse and you'd have to work your way through, no, get on the wall."

The jail says they are working to clean up and repaint all of the cells. Once they're clean, deputies will document any damage caused by inmates and present that information to the DA's office.

They're also working to get a new security camera system.

Bardezbain says some inmates told him that they felt unsafe before the changes took place.

"Now everybody's telling me they don't feel unsafe anymore because you guys are getting control. We're in charge and they know it."