Two bobcats are on the loose in a Carrollton neighborhood. After countless sightings in recent weeks, neighbors say they fear for their safety.

Bobcats are mostly active at night and in the early morning. Some Carrollton homeowners say they've seen the cats enough that they're on the lookout now around the clock.

"You see all kinds of wildlife here," said homeowner Harry Anderson.

For the past decade, the Andersons heard stories of the wildlife in their neighborhood. It wasn't until recently they started to worry about it.

"They're big cats, you know? We're talking three feet tall," said Anderson.

Twice in a month they've spotted bobcats across the street at Andrea Asmar's house.

"Now, it's so scary, every time I open the door, I want to check everywhere," said Asmar.

"They were here by the flag pole, and then when they saw us, they walked by the truck, where it's parked and where the kids are playing," said Asmar.

Asmar called animal control, but by the time officers arrived, the cats were gone. She says she was told they won't remove the bobcats, because they help control the squirrel and rabbit population.

Our calls to Carrollton Animal Service were not returned.

"I don't worry about them attacking me, personally, but small children, small pets, I'm a little concerned there," said Anderson.

Bobcats rarely attack people, but still...

"Wild cats are wild cats and they're unpredictable," said Anderson.

Anderson says his biggest concern is how familiar the cats seem.

"They didn't seem to be afraid of us," he said.

"It didn't seem like they were too afraid of us or harmful because it seemed like they were used to being around people," Jad Asmar, Andrea Asmar's son.

As more homes go up nearby, homeowners say they're seeing more wildlife on their neighborhood streets.

"I'm sure we transplanted most of them, and they've been gradually trying to take their property back," said Anderson.

The Andersons just hope the cats stick to rabbits and squirrels. So far, they haven't attacked any domestic animals or people.