Huntington Beach City Council Candidates

Tim Ryan

Age: 54 

Occupation: Consumer-advocate attorney

Education: BA, Boston College; JD, Southwestern

Top issues: reinvigorate economic development; give back to our seniors who helped build our town; delivering services we can afford while understanding that the needs of our residents vary.


Dave Sullivan

Age: 75 

Occupation: Retired orthodontist

Education: Post-Doctoral Orthodontics, University of Detroit Dental School; D.M.D., Tufts Dental School; BA, Boston College

Top issues: Pension reform; maintain our safe city; preserve libraries and essential programs


Bruce Brandt

Age: 65 

Occupation: licensed professional engineer

Education: MBA, Cal State Long Beach; BS in engineering, University of Wisconsin

Top issues: reducing city pension costs; kill the desalination plant; maximizing citizens' freedoms

Website: n/a

Alexander Polsky

Age: 60 

Occupation: attorney-mediator, arbitrator, educator

Education: BSE, Juris Doctor

Top issues: Ensuring quality schools, police, fire and infrastructure while managing within a tight budget environment


Jill Hardy

Age: 41 

Occupation: teacher

Education: MA, CSU Long Beach; BA, UC Santa Barbara

Top issues: community advocacy; addressing budget challenges; preserving open space


Billy O'Connell

Age: 47 

Occupation: Small business owner, nonprofit director

Education: BS, Saint Francis College Brooklyn New York

Top issues: Public safety; keeping city business-friendly; balanced budget


Erik Peterson

Age: 44 

Occupation: small business owner

Education: BS

Top issues: economic stability; infrastructure; taxpayer protection


Jim Katapodis

Age: 56 

Occupation: Sergeant, LAPD/Educator, Rio Hondo College

Education: AA

Top issues: balanced budget; public safety; updating infrastructure system.


Tony Carter

Age: 39 

Occupation: Father, president, treasurer, secretary, captain, first time politician

Education:  San Dieguito High School graduate

Top issues: symbiotic society; budget; energize the youth


Barbara Delgleize

Age: 61 

Occupation: Real estate broker

Education:  no degree, Cal State Fullerton

Top issues: pension reform; keeping freedom in Fourth of July; economic development


Bob Wentzel

Age: 56 

Occupation: Retired/human resources manager

Education: BA, University of Northern Iowa; MA, University of Minnesota

Top issues: balance city budget without raising taxes; senior citizens' center; address unfunded pension liabilities


Devin Dwyer

Did not respond.

Fountain Valley City Council Candidates

Bryan Tice

Age: 19 

Occupation: businessman

Education: diploma, La Quinta High School; A.A. in progress, Coastline Community College

Top issues: Celebrating our diverse Vietnamese community; maintaining our fire and police department; always striving for transparency


Patrick Tucker

Age: 48 

Occupation: vice president of operations for Allen Tire Company

Education: High school diploma, some college courses at Long Beach City College, Cerritos College

Top issues: Government transparency; look at other cable television platforms to compete with Time Warner in FV; maintain a balanced budget with no new taxes or fees.

Website: n/a

Cheryl Brothers

Age: 66 

Occupation: Community volunteer

Education:some college

Top issues: state budget; local pension reform; protect homeowner's rights

Website:   Cheryl Brothers

Steve Nagel

Age: 60 

Occupation: City Council member

Education:  BA, Cal State Long Beach; AS, Long Beach City College

Top issues: balanced budget; providing essential police, fire and city services; fiscal stability

Website: n/a

Duy Nguyen

Did not respond.

State Assembly District 72 Candidates

Travis Allen

Age: not given 

Occupation: small business owner

Education: BA, Cal State Long Beach

Top issues: create new jobs in California; stop endless calls for higher taxes; roll back regulations that are hurting California businesses


Troy Edgar

Age: 72 

Occupation: Businessman

Education: Bachelor's and MBA, USC

Top issues: No new taxes; get government out of the way of job creation; for K-12 schools, return local control for spending and curriculum.


State Assembly District 74 Candidates

Robert Rush (D)

Age: 56 

Occupation: Business owner/accountant

Education: BA, Upsala College; CPA in CA and NY

Top issues: Return California to fiscal strength; improve education; further protect environment


Allan Mansoor (R)

Age: 48 

Occupation: California Assemblyman

Education: associate's degree from Coastline Community College

Top issues: stop special interests; balance the budget; restore education funding