From left, Tim Frankeny, Pete Fontes, Michael Belk and Daniel Tello, of The Originalites, play a mix of reggae, rock and ska. (Don Leach, HB Independent / January 15, 2013)

Nominated for Best Song ("Days Go By"), Best Alternative and Best Punk. The veteran punk band from Huntington Beach still hasn't skipped a beat after being in the scene since the late 80s. And try Dexter Holland's hot sauce; just as good as their music.



Nominated for Best Alternative. If you like U2 but with a more pop-driven sound, then Ceasefire will be a good find.


Gospel Swamp Blues Band

Nominated for Best Blues. They have a James Brown feel and tempo; it's upbeat and catchy.



Nominated for Best Electronic. If you're looking to drop the bass, Flinch can provide that for you. With the ever-growing popularity of dubstep, Flinch is another producer to keep an eye on.


Kalva Won

Nominated for Best Electronic. Kalva Won specializes in ambient, beatstrumental tracks that have interesting sample choices.



Nominated for Best Folk and Best Pop. As the indie-fold genre begins to take off, don't be surprised if you hear Honeypie playing on your radio. Reminiscent of Of Monsters and Men, Honeypie's melodies are light and catchy.


Matt Costa

Nominated for Best Folk. Matt Costa offers simple folk music with some undertones of the Beatles.



Nominated for Best Hip Hop. Mr2theP is trying to bring the beach life of Huntington Beach into the hip hop scene.


Avenged Sevenfold

Nominated for Best Metal. If you want aggressive guitar riffs and hard screaming, look no further.


A+ Dropouts

Nominated for Best Youth Artist. These 16-year-old musicians offer catchy pop-rock music that will have you nodding your head in no time.

— Anthony Clark Carpio