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In war on coyotes, some argue for learning to live with them

H.B. officer takes knack for tweets to new heights at NASA launch

During the U.S. Open of Surfing this year, the Huntington Beach Police Department took a different approach to letting residents and visitors know that illegal activity on the beach would not be...


Boosters hope for a revival at Seal Beach's Bay Theatre

Nick Carabetta isn't sure about the first movie that played at the Bay Theatre in Seal Beach. The theater opened in 1947, so a few educated guesses are possible: the holiday classic "Miracle on 34th...

Whistle-blower sues H.B. airplane parts company over his firing

A Huntington Beach aviation equipment manufacturer is being sued by a former employee who says he was illegally fired for whistle-blowing on the company.


Regulators accuse Huntington trash facility of air quality violations

Air quality regulators have issued three notices of violation against Rainbow Environmental Services Inc. for discharging "nuisance" odors and operating without appropriate enclosures, venting and...


Convenience store robber sought in H.B.

Huntington Beach police are seeking the public's help in identifying a man who robbed a convenience store early Wednesday after trying to rob another one.



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Public Safety

Police Files for Dec. 17

AREA 1: Sher Lane: Theft from a vehicle was reported in the 16100 block at 12:22 p.m. Dec. 16.

H.B. woman loses $64,000 in online dating scam

A Huntington Beach woman was scammed out of about $64,000 by a man she met on a dating website, police said.

Man suspected of DUI in H.B. crash

A Huntington Beach man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he crashed into a telephone pole Tuesday.

Flooded section of PCH open again in Huntington Beach

Flooded section of PCH open again in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach police have reopened both...

H.B. woman pleads guilty to role in fatal shooting at park

A Huntington Beach woman pleaded guilty to playing a role in a fatal shooting at Murdy Park in 2010.

Package thieves strike homes in Huntington Beach

Package thieves strike homes in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach police are looking for people who have been stealing packages from the doorsteps of homes.


New council wavers on increasing trash franchise fee

New council wavers on increasing trash franchise fee

The Huntington Beach City Council postponed a final decision on whether to increase the franchise fee the city collects from its waste...

New H.B. council, city attorney take office; Hardy is new mayor

New H.B. council, city attorney take office; Hardy is new mayor

The city of Huntington Beach conducted its ceremonial changing of the guard as it ushered in five newly elected officials at Monday night'...

Historical City Hall building should be preserved, H.B. panel says

A historical building that a developer...

New Huntington council members, city attorney take seats Monday

Huntington Beach's four new City Council members and new city attorney will be sworn in during Monday's council meeting.

OCTA board delays 405 widening contract

The Orange County Transportation Authority's board of directors agreed this week to delay until February a vote on whether to approve a...

Trash franchise fee to rise to help pay city pension costs

Huntington Beach has found a way to help pay down its growing employee pension costs.

Business & Real Estate

H.B. district school getting bullet-resistant protection for windows, doors

A Fountain Valley high school will be getting additional equipment to help protect students and staff in case of a shooting like those...

Retail Therapy: A discount for a donation

Bag a good deal: Brixton, VonZipper, Dakine, Mint Clothing and Kovey have joined forces for a holiday sample sale and...

'Shark Tank' appearance ignites log sales

'Shark Tank' appearance ignites log sales

Tom Sanetti checks his iPhone to see if any of his products are back in stock on Amazon.

Water official has H.B. desalination project conflict of interest, complaint alleges

Former Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook has filed a complaint with the state's political watchdog, alleging that an Orange County Water...

Retail Therapy: An action-packed time for shopping

This is the big weekend to stock up on gifts for the MMA/action sports enthusiast in your life.

Fans recall former Golden Bear nightclub's golden age as plaque is unveiled

Fans recall former Golden Bear nightclub's golden age as plaque is unveiled

It had almost been 30 years since the famed Golden Bear nightclub in Huntington Beach was torn down, but now loyal fans have something to...


Ocean View facing $7.8 million budget hole over asbestos, construction

The Ocean View School District, rocked by an asbestos cleanup that has closed schools and displaced students, now faces a budget shortfall...

Visiting athletes help Huntington Beach High combat bullying

Visiting athletes help Huntington Beach High combat bullying

As Huntington Beach High School students cheered him on Thursday, BMX rider Mykel Larrin performed inverted flips and other tricks on a...

Friends, lend them your ears; they come to perform 'Caesar' — sort of

A beloved icon who seems too high to fall. Intrigue that grows in the shadows. Grudges nursed, confidences betrayed, and then a stunning...

Feds investigating gender-bias complaint at Edison High

The U.S. Department of Education is investigating allegations of gender discrimination against female athletes in the Huntington Beach Union...

Volunteers give Huntington first-graders gift of reading

Volunteers give Huntington first-graders gift of reading

First-graders at Sun View Elementary School in Huntington Beach were treated to a reading of Cheri Meiners' book "Reach Out and Give" by...

School of Rock readies young musicians for the stage

School of Rock readies young musicians for the stage

There are performing arts schools for children who want to pursue a career in theater. There are club sports for those who want to improve...



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