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Helping dreams come true

Helping dreams come true

Laura Hernandez didn't find out that she was undocumented until she went to apply for college financial aid. Suddenly she was faced with teaching herself how to apply for a deferral under the Dream...


Council eases stance on restaurant hours

The Huntington Beach City Council voted Monday to ease up on a proposed zoning change focused on new downtown bars and restaurants that sell alcohol.


H.B. fireworks keep safety officers jumping

The Fourth of July is arguably the busiest day for Huntington Beach police and fire departments, and Friday's festivities put safety officials through their paces.

Will fireworks be allowed? City to consider letting voters decide

Huntington Beach will hold a special meeting Monday to decide whether residents should be given the final say over whether to ban fireworks.


City council supports memorial for Robin Samsoe

There was hardly a dry eye in the Huntington Beach council chambers Monday during a discussion of whether to create a memorial honoring a young girl killed 35 years ago.


In the Pipeline: Honoring soldiers with every step

It's after midnight, and I'm parked along Pacific Coast Highway at Goldenwest Street.



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Public Safety

Website brings police departments to the public

The Huntington Beach Police Department has retained a public relations firm to write feature stories and news alerts for a new public-safety...

Police Files


City's noise ordinance at heart of lawsuit

A Huntington Beach resident has sued the city, the Police Department and an officer, claiming that the officer entered his apartment without...

Woman in Amber Alert case awaiting extradition

Woman in Amber Alert case awaiting extradition

A Huntington Beach resident who allegedly took her granddaughter without the mother's permission is awaiting extradition to California.

Police make arrest at suspected residential pot nursery

Police make arrest at suspected residential pot nursery

Police seized several pounds of marijuana and arrested a man after searching a suspected grow house in the 10400 block of Circulo De Villa...


Senate committee OKs fire ring bill

An Assembly bill that aims to protect fire rings in Southern California has passed out of a legislative committee.

H.B. ponders cap on downtown liquor licenses

In its continuing effort to crack down on downtown disturbances, the Huntington Beach City Council decided Monday to look into restricting...

Wintersburg makes the endangered list

Wintersburg makes the endangered list

Efforts to save the Wintersburg site in Huntington Beach took a big step forward this month when it was designated one of the most...

City considers new rules on vacation rentals

The Huntington Beach City Council voted unanimously Monday to have staff look into the feasibility of legalizing and regulating short-term...

H.B. ends some funding of Poseidon studies

The Huntington Beach City Council took a defiant stance against a major water retailer Monday as Poseidon's controversial desalination...

Bolsa Chica rezoning dead for now

Minutes after California Coastal Commission staff recommended denying a request to rezone part of the Bolsa Chica mesa for residential use,...

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H.B. July 4 parade televised for first time

H.B. July 4 parade televised for first time

The Huntington Beach Fourth of July parade has been held in the city for 110 years, but Friday marked the first time the annual tradition...

Retail Therapy: You might throw in a "moo" too

Well spotted: Chick-fil-A's next Cow Appreciation Day will be July 11. The annual event, held at all Chick-fil-A locations,...

H.B. parade doesn't disappoint

H.B. parade doesn't disappoint

Thousands of people kicked off the Fourth of July weekend by flocking to Huntington Beach on Friday to watch the city's annual parade.

Fundraiser to support wetlands education

The Amigos de Bolsa Chica is hosting its annual brunch fundraiser Sunday to support efforts to educate the public on the wetlands.

City to test ambassadors program downtown

Security guards in bright yellow shirts will soon serve as guides for tourists and extra eyes for police in downtown Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach celebrates icons' 100 years

Huntington Beach celebrates icons' 100 years

More than 100 people gathered at Huntington Beach Pier Plaza on Sunday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city's iconic pier, while...


OCC closer to complying with accreditation requirements

Orange Coast College is no longer at risk of immediately losing its accreditation, officials announced Thursday afternoon.

Ocean View graduate credits El Viento program for her success

Ocean View graduate credits El Viento program for her success

Recent high school graduate Sara Ramirez said her eyes and options are wide open thanks to an academic program she's been in for nine years.

O.C. students get SELF help for legal careers

The young woman was hunkered down at a small corner desk in a back office filled with stacked boxes.

Huntington Beach High students tackle tough topics

Huntington Beach High students tackle tough topics

Huntington Beach High School students recently took time to educate peers and parents about human rights problems and how to make their...

Hebrew Academy goes completely solar

The Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach looked to the sun to find the inspiration for melding technology, environmental interests and...

Relay for Life takes defiant stand against cancer

After losing her mother to colon cancer about four years ago, Golboo Davari needed to do something thing to help her cope with the loss...



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