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Beer, bratwurst and dachshund races: Oktoberfest taps into the party spirit

Beer, bratwurst and dachshund races: Oktoberfest taps into the party spirit

Oktoberfest got into full swing Sunday at Old World in Huntington Beach as the German restaurant presented its Oktoberfest Parade at the Bella Terra shopping center.


Coyote advice at H.B. town hall: Haze, don't shoot

One day after the Seal Beach City Council voted to begin trapping and killing coyotes, Huntington Beach residents gathered Tuesday night for a town hall meeting to address the coyote issue in their...

Motorcyclist, 23, dies after crash with U-Haul van in Huntington

A Huntington Beach man died after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a moving van.


School official's complaint claims possible risk of asbestos removal

Saying “staff and children could be at risk,” an Ocean View School District board member has filed an official complaint with Cal/OSHA about “possible asbestos-handling violations&...


Fountain Valley woman drowns at Costa Mesa motel pool

A 57-year-old Fountain Valley woman drowned in a Costa Mesa motel pool Friday evening, according to authorities.



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Election 2014

'Professional peacemaker' Polsky eyes H.B. council

'Professional peacemaker' Polsky eyes H.B. council

Alexander Polsky believes recycling is a good thing — except when it comes to Huntington Beach's civic leaders.

Council candidate Delgleize, in third run, focuses on boosting police, bandwidth

Council candidate Delgleize, in third run, focuses on boosting police, bandwidth

Barbara Delgleize could almost taste victory in the Huntington Beach City Council election two years ago.

Council candidate Semeta looks to advocate for lower-cost government

Council candidate Semeta looks to advocate for lower-cost government

Throughout her career, lawyer and Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Lyn Semeta has been guided by what she thinks is a simple...

'Top-two' primary breeds conflict over candidate endorsements

Another turn in the increasingly testy race to represent the state's 74th Assembly District is forcing local politicians to grapple with a...

Public Safety

Reporter's Notebook: 'Crime of the future' still plenty worrisome today

Fourth in a series. While many Huntington Beach residents are calling for more police officers on the streets, I think the...

Fountain Valley man convicted of murder in teen's shooting

A Fountain Valley man was convicted of shooting to death a 17-year-old Santa Ana boy whom authorities described as his rival.

Police work for restaurant tips to help H.B. serve Special Olympics athletes

Police work for restaurant tips to help H.B. serve Special Olympics athletes

Having been in the food service industry for years, Carol Lung knows what it takes to be a good waiter in a restaurant.

H.B. Police Department suspended from federal weapons program over missing rifle

The Huntington Beach Police Department was among nine public safety agencies in California suspended from a federal weapons program after...

Suspect arrested in H.B. 'Mission Impossible' burglary

Authorities have arrested a man who law enforcement agencies believe is the "Mission Impossible burglar."

Huntington studies alcohol, business regulations

The Huntington Beach City Council received updates this week on key issues related to the downtown area to get a better sense of how to make...


Former Huntington Beach Mayor Alvin Coen struggles with Alzheimer's disease

Former Huntington Beach Mayor Alvin Coen struggles with Alzheimer's disease

Felicia Coen has been married to her husband, Alvin, for 53 years. Yet every day that passes, she feels like she's losing the love of her...

Ocean View trustee Briscoe fined over campaign signs

Ocean View School District Trustee John Briscoe is threatening to sue Huntington Beach after he was fined for having his reelection campaign...

Huntington council hopefuls debate pensions, housing, bans

Pension costs, housing density and the city's plastic bag ban were among the topics discussed during a Huntington Beach City Council...

State panel rejects candidate's complaint of campaign violations by 2 incumbents

The state's political watchdog dismissed a complaint by Huntington Beach City Council candidate Brendon Kenney, who accused two incumbents...

Huntington public light fixtures going LED

Huntington Beach gave the green light this week to upgrading the city's public light fixtures to LED.

H.B. group still trying to overcome obstacles to build 9/11 memorial

Dennis Hashin thought that creating a 9/11 memorial for Huntington Beach would be as simple as removing a fountain to make room for a...

Business & Real Estate

30th Coastal Cleanup Day hits local waters Saturday

The California Coastal Commission presents California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, the 30th edition of the annual event to clean the...

Upgrade plan for AES power plant advances

A committee of the state's energy agency recommended approval of changes proposed for the AES natural-gas-powered electricity plant in...

Paddleboard tournament draws worldwide competitors

Stand-up paddleboard competitors from around the world are on the water off Huntington Beach this week for the Pro Grand Slam tournament,...

Retail Therapy: Clothe the kids in bargains

Bargain babes: Save up to 90% on new and gently used infant, toddler and children's clothing, gear, toys and more at the So...

Retail Therapy: A merger by Design

Better than Pinterest: Interior decorator Thomas Lavin and the Blake House showroom at the Laguna Design...

Council members question effort to get public's opinion on updated general plan

The Huntington Beach City Council was brought up to speed Tuesday night on the city's general plan update, and some members expressed...


Ellis Island reenactment gives students insight on immigration

Ellis Island reenactment gives students insight on immigration

Juniors at Edison High School traded in their smartphones and other hallmarks of life in 2014 to experience what it was like to be an...

Private school official says he embezzled $2 million

A former business manager for Huntington Beach's Pegasus School has agreed to plead guilty to embezzling more than $2 million from the...

'Until Tuesday' is HB Reads selection

'Until Tuesday' is HB Reads selection

The board of HB Reads announced Friday that Luis Carlos Montalvan's "Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved...

Coast College district sees budget increase for second year

The Coast Community College District Board of Trustees unanimously approved a $243 million budget — about $5 million higher than...

Lawsuit alleges bullying, sexual assault at Ocean View district school

The family of an autistic student has filed a lawsuit against the Ocean View School District and several other defendants, alleging he was...

Smiles, tears, excitement as kindergartners begin 'long journey'

Smiles, tears, excitement as kindergartners begin 'long journey'

The only people on the quiet Hawes Elementary School campus at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday were Principal Julie Jennings and her teachers, eagerly...



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