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Beekeeper starts a buzz at the OC Fair

Beekeeper starts a buzz at the OC Fair

A bee sting once caused Amy Cripps' foot to swell to the point where she couldn't walk. Another time, while working with a hive, a stinger ended up in her lip.


Officials confident scaled-down U.S. Open will be violence-free

Huntington Beach police, city officials and event organizers have expressed confidence that their preparations will prevent a repeat of the civil disturbances that followed last year's U.S. Open of...


Farming at the OC Fair: Students learn joy, sadness of raising livestock

For many of the students participating in the Junior Livestock Auction at the OC Fair, the auctions Saturday are a bittersweet moment, bringing the sadness of saying goodbye with the prospect of...

Man found dead on Seal Beach jetty identified

A man found dead on a Seal Beach jetty last week has been identified as 60-year-old Artesia resident Edward Manual Garcia, authorities confirmed Monday.


Man arrested after short pursuit

Huntington Beach police arrested a wanted felon who led authorities on a short pursuit Friday.




Life + Arts

O.C. Fair

OC Fair from the fruit's perspective

OC Fair from the fruit's perspective

For all the many temptations that the OC Fair offers, Lynsee DiMiceli sometimes enjoys nothing there more than air conditioning, a water...

New OC Fair judge has years of his own veggie tales

New OC Fair judge has years of his own veggie tales

For 20 years, Joe Ott's picture-perfect fruits and vegetables won blue ribbons at the Orange County Fair.

Fare is heavy but gluten-free

Fare is heavy but gluten-free

Dominic "The Midway Gourmet" Palmieri is known as the calorically evil mastermind responsible for weight gain at the OC Fair.

Ziggy Marley returning to OC Fair with a new sound

Ziggy Marley returning to OC Fair with a new sound

As Ziggy Marley sat in his home recording studio, he took out a scrap of paper and thought about what would become his fifth solo studio...

Public Safety

Voters may decide fireworks' legalization

Voters may decide whether to legalize so-called safe and sane fireworks in Huntington Beach.

Drug use may have led to separate crashes, police say

Huntington Beach police have a message for residents, the department wrote on Facebook this weekend: Don't drive drunk — or while on...

Woman injured in wetlands crash

A driver who may have been drinking ended up in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands early Tuesday, according to Huntington Beach police.

Will fireworks be allowed? City to consider letting voters decide

Huntington Beach will hold a special meeting Monday to decide whether residents should be given the final say over whether to ban fireworks.

Police: Man might have killed himself at Dog Beach

Huntington Beach police believe a man might have committed suicide in the Dog Beach parking lot Tuesday morning.

Website brings police departments to the public

The Huntington Beach Police Department has retained a public relations firm to write feature stories and news alerts for a new public-safety...


City council supports memorial for Robin Samsoe

There was hardly a dry eye in the Huntington Beach council chambers Monday during a discussion of whether to create a memorial honoring a...

Wintersburg makes the endangered list

Wintersburg makes the endangered list

Efforts to save the Wintersburg site in Huntington Beach took a big step forward this month when it was designated one of the most...

Council eases stance on restaurant hours

The Huntington Beach City Council voted Monday to ease up on a proposed zoning change focused on new downtown bars and restaurants that sell...

H.B. ends some funding of Poseidon studies

The Huntington Beach City Council took a defiant stance against a major water retailer Monday as Poseidon's controversial desalination...

Senate committee OKs fire ring bill

An Assembly bill that aims to protect fire rings in Southern California has passed out of a legislative committee.

H.B. ponders cap on downtown liquor licenses

In its continuing effort to crack down on downtown disturbances, the Huntington Beach City Council decided Monday to look into restricting...

Business & Real Estate

Thrift store opens in Fountain Valley, brings back memories

Thrift store opens in Fountain Valley, brings back memories

The sound of wire hangers scraping metal racks filled the air during the recent grand opening of the Savers thrift store in Fountain Valley.

H.B. parade doesn't disappoint

H.B. parade doesn't disappoint

Thousands of people kicked off the Fourth of July weekend by flocking to Huntington Beach on Friday to watch the city's annual parade.

Helping dreams come true

Helping dreams come true

Laura Hernandez didn't find out that she was undocumented until she went to apply for college financial aid. Suddenly she was faced with...

City to test ambassadors program downtown

Security guards in bright yellow shirts will soon serve as guides for tourists and extra eyes for police in downtown Huntington Beach.

H.B. July 4 parade televised for first time

H.B. July 4 parade televised for first time

The Huntington Beach Fourth of July parade has been held in the city for 110 years, but Friday marked the first time the annual tradition...

Retail Therapy: You might throw in a "moo" too

Well spotted: Chick-fil-A's next Cow Appreciation Day will be July 11. The annual event, held at all Chick-fil-A locations,...


Community college gets accreditation warning

Golden West College must address concerns related to academic success and financial planning in order to remain an accredited community...

O.C. students get SELF help for legal careers

The young woman was hunkered down at a small corner desk in a back office filled with stacked boxes.

National Merit Scholars announced

Students from Irvine, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley and Laguna Beach were among 1,600 National Merit Scholarship winners announced as...

Fundraiser to support wetlands education

The Amigos de Bolsa Chica is hosting its annual brunch fundraiser Sunday to support efforts to educate the public on the wetlands.

OCC closer to complying with accreditation requirements

Orange Coast College is no longer at risk of immediately losing its accreditation, officials announced Thursday afternoon.

Hebrew Academy goes completely solar

The Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach looked to the sun to find the inspiration for melding technology, environmental interests and...



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