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Huntington Beach vigil honors crime victims

Huntington Beach Mayor Jill Hardy said she couldn't find the right words to say during a candlelight vigil for crime victims Thursday evening until she saw the sun pierce the clouds while driving...


Changes take root as cities, residents respond to drought

The pressure is on for cities and water agencies in California to cut back on water use after Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order to reduce water consumption in response to the state's drought,...


H.B. barber offers price cut to encourage testicular exams

It seems like every weekend there's a charity event raising awareness of issues such as Alzheimer's disease, autism and various types of cancer. However, a Huntington Beach barber thinks more should...

Earth Day effort cleans the beach in Huntington

Volunteers helped Huntington Beach commemorate Earth Day with a beach cleanup Saturday morning near the pier.


Huntington may sell Rodgers senior center site for housing

The Huntington Beach City Council is leaning toward selling the Rodgers Seniors' Center and allowing houses to be built in its place.



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Repairs on Huntington Harbour bridge may be finished next week

Repairs on Huntington Harbour bridge may be finished next week

Repairs on the Edinger Avenue bridge in Huntington Harbour are nearing completion.

Irvine man, 2 others deny cheating homeowners through unlicensed H.B. business

An Irvine resident and two other men accused of being involved in a loan modification scheme through an unlicensed Huntington Beach business...

Firefighter released from hospital after blaze burns garage, attic at Huntington Beach home

Firefighter released from hospital after blaze burns garage, attic at Huntington Beach home

A firefighter was taken to a hospital but quickly recovered after crews doused a blaze at a Huntington Beach home Monday morning,...

H.B. police seek home intruder who trapped woman in bedroom

Huntington Beach police are looking for a man who entered a residence and trapped a woman in her bedroom.

H.B. police stop suicide attempt in river

A man trying to commit suicide in the Santa Ana River was stopped by Huntington Beach police and a bystander Sunday, authorities said.


Huntington moves ahead on repeal of plastic bag ban

Huntington moves ahead on repeal of plastic bag ban

Huntington Beach is on track to become one of the first cities in California to repeal a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Moratorium on Huntington Beach massage parlors extended as new rules are approved

A moratorium on new massage establishments in Huntington Beach has been extended for 30 days as the city prepares for new regulations to...

15 nonprofits win lottery to sell fireworks in Huntington Beach

15 nonprofits win lottery to sell fireworks in Huntington Beach

Fifteen nonprofit groups have won the lottery to be fireworks vendors in Huntington Beach for the Fourth of July.

Huntington won't annex Bolsa Chica wetlands, council decides

After about six years of discussions among city officials, the Huntington Beach City Council decided Monday to forgo further talk of...

H.B. planners can't agree on Beach, Edinger housing maximum

While approving nine amendments to the city's Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan, the Huntington Beach Planning Commission could...

Property owners can opt out of historical list

The Huntington Beach City Council is willing to give residents the choice of having their properties included on a list of historical...

Business & Real Estate

Huntington Beach world-record hopes ride on supersize surfboard

On July 29, 2005, Huntington Beach set out to break the Guinness world record for the most people riding a surfboard. The city borrowed a...

H.B. group rewards businesses that take the no-Styrofoam challenge

H.B. group rewards businesses that take the no-Styrofoam challenge

Three Huntington Beach residents are taking it upon themselves to rid the city's coast of polystyrene products.

Paintball tournament called off for lack of teams, sponsors

The thunderous sound of paintballs hitting inflatable barriers will be absent from Huntington Beach this year.

Retail Therapy: Cash in at Cache

Silky sale: Pounce quickly, promgoers and bargainistas — all locations of the Cache special-occasion apparel boutique...

Retail Therapy: Spend Saturday in style

Live the look: Glamour, GQ and the Shops at Mission Viejo will partner for LOOKBOOK Live from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday,...

Pacific City, new senior center, illegal animal feeding top city's agenda

Huntington Beach Mayor Jill Hardy and City Manager Fred Wilson briefed residents about city milestones and ongoing concerns during a...


Around Town: Head shaving to aid cancer research

Around Town: Head shaving to aid cancer research

Guests at Hennessey's Tavern in Seal Beach can get their heads shaved to help raise funds for research of childhood cancer during a St....

Contract for asbestos work at Oak View Elementary delayed over cost concern

The Ocean View School District will pay a contractor for asbestos abatement and other work at two campuses, but removal of asbestos at...

New Little League builds from merger of 2 others

As a batter hit a line drive to left field, cheers erupted from the bleachers of a baseball diamond at Marina Park in Huntington Beach on a...

Ocean View schools chief leaving for Oregon job

Ocean View schools chief leaving for Oregon job

The Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach, already contending with a multimillion-dollar budget hole linked to an asbestos scare,...

She hopes to outrun cancer

She hopes to outrun cancer

A Laguna Beach resident is looking to run from Huntington Beach to Arizona to raise awareness of pediatric cancer.

Ocean View facing $15.8-million budget hole

The Ocean View School District faces a projected $15.8-million budget shortfall through the 2016-17 school year, and trustees learned at a...


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